reflecting on inquiry: how we discover what students have learned

Students learn best when provided with tools that allow them to express their unique ideas in a variety of ways. In most PYP classrooms, you’ll find lots of class discussion, student collaboration, and opportunities for students to extend and challenge their original thoughts and ideas.

Last week in Kindergarten, our students were concluding their Sharing the Planet unit. While most units end with a whole class discussion to debrief the big ideas, followed by a written reflection, Ms. Bliven decided to try a new approach with her class, challenging their thinking and ideas about the unit utilizing the Visible Thinking Routine called: Color, Symbol, Image. This is a routine designed to push students (even those in Kindergarten!) to think metaphorically. Metaphors allow students to make deeper connections from one thing to another.

In their Sharing the Planet unit, Kindergarten delves into resources, living things (think life cycles, etc.), how these are both related to one another, as well as what our responsibility is towards both living on nonliving things on our planet (how we share the planet).  Take a close look at how these students drew new conclusions based on their learning experiences:Image (61)Image (62)

Image (63)

Visible Thinking Routines such as Color, Symbol, Image are a powerful way to engage and tap into the complex ideas that our students have due to the rich learning environment! Check out how other Spicewood classrooms use similar routines to make student thinking come alive.




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