exhibition: mentor meetings

Every spring our fifth graders participate in a culminating project called Exhibition. Exhibition is a final celebration of the PYP program, proving students with an opportunity to reflect on the essential elements of the program- knowledge, concepts, skills, attitudes, and action. The students take the ultimate action with their own personal inquiry as they reflect on themselves as an IB student as well as a summative assessment, or culminating project. This inquiry project involves students identifying, investigating and offering solutions (or action) to real life issues or problems (the issue matters to students and affects their life in way or another).

And while the project is completed in fifth grade, we have our entire staff contribute to this exciting unit as they support and mentor our students throughout the reflection process.  So far, our mentors have met with students to review their PYP portfolios to see how far they have come as an IB learner and another session about the Learner Profile Attributes and how they add further value to what they learn in the classroom. This last week, the students met with their mentors for a third time to discuss and reflect the transdisicplinary skills, valuable skills that support the 21st century learner. Image (54)

Image (55)

Reflecting on these skills even before students begin their own personal inquiries is essential to this culminating PYP experience as students evaluate their personal strengths and weaknesses, setting goals and brainstorming different ways students may use these skills during the Exhibition inquiry.


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