the heart of the pyp program


At the heart of our PYP program lies the Learner Profile. The attributes help develop internationally minded students who, in turn, help to create a better and more peaceful world.  All learning and instruction are developed to foster these traits and our teachers do an excellent job referring to these traits throughout the day as they acknowledge student action or make connections in literature to characters who exhibit these traits. We encourage all families to use these words at home too, further reinforcing what’s at the heart of the program.

During Education Go Get It Week, our counselor, Mrs. Hougham, challenged our students to think about the learner profile attributes in connection to their plans for their futures. Students were asked to illustrate themselves in their future career and think about what attributes may be needed in that chosen career path.Image (53)

Image (51)Image (52)

This learning experience gave students the opportunity to make connections between an essential element in the PYP program to the real world, further solidifying the value in what our amazing staff and teachers do here at Spicewood!

Take a look at how other IB schools across the country make connections to these attributes!




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