inquiry lately @ spicewood

With their central idea, Cycles are predictable and help us understand the world around us, our first grade has been doing lots of exploring over the past week! Students inquired about different types of cycles found in our world and asked questions about how cycles were related or connected with one another.


Teachers brought in tadpoles to each classroom for students to observe, investigate, and find out more about life cycles. Using their science notebooks, students began documenting their observations with careful notes and illustrations.

Image (50)

Many students noted the small legs that were already starting to form on their class tadpoles, but also wondered why or how these tadpoles could be so large! With inquiry, the teachers encourage the questioning, prediction and wondering about the learning experiences in the classroom. The class decided that a little research was needed in order to answer their questions and properly document their scientific inquiry. After a little investigation, they learned about different characteristics of frogs (long legs, smooth skin, smaller) and toads (larger, short legs) and made an initial prediction that their tadpole might grow into a bullfrog.

Students will continue to record their observations throughout the next few weeks, reevaluating their initial prediction and asking more questions. Be sure to stop by first grade and check out their growing tadpoles!




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