pe in a pyp school

“A curriculum designed to equip students for the challenging world of the twenty-first century needs to ensure that students develop as people who take increasing responsibility for their own physical well-being, their own learning, their own relationships with others and their role in the local, national and global community”

In a PYP school, our counselor and PE department are concerned with the well being that is intrinsically linked to all aspects of our students experience here at Spicewood. Whether it be a class lesson from Mrs. Hougham about leaders and bosses or a basketball unit in PE, both sections focus on the physical, emotional, cognitive, spiritual and social health and development of the whole child. The IB philosophy encourages the development of these skills to help support students to understand themselves better, develop and maintain healthy relationships and participate in an active, healthy lifestyles.

Within the last few weeks, you’ve probably seen lots of students on campus with multicolored strings strung across their fingers and hands, manipulating them into different shapes and patterns. This year our teachers wanted to take a fresh perspective in PE and introduce a new unit giving students an opportunity to further develop memory, attention, and motor and coordination skills. The teachers presented String Magic from Around the World, a fine motor skill activity that uses story telling and string figures to teach other classroom related concepts and topics. The different string configurations are uniquely combined with well known African and Native American folktales, allowing the students to explore oral traditions within those cultures, as well as a further investigation of those cultures themselves. In addition to the story telling, the unit also allows the students to make connections with math concepts, like sequences or geometry lines (parallel, perpendicular, etc.). The transdisciplinary nature of the unit further highlights IB philosophies about teaching across all subject areas.

Image (49)At the heart of everything on our campus is the Learner Profile. This unit provides a platform for students to be thinkers as they problem solve the create the different figures, communicators as they collaborate and work with one another to trouble shoot challenging shapes, and risk takers as they preserve when they are not successful on their first try learning the movement skills.

Learn more about how schools are using fresh methods and perspectives when it comes to physical activity and how a fit body and mind lead connect to success in an academic setting!




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