an inquiry into…the essential elements

As students inquire about their units, the teachers intentionally and carefully select a variety of learning experiences that inspire them to ask questions and do their own research to find the answers.

This week, I thought I would share with you how the essential elements look outside of the walls of a Spicewood classroom. The resources give you an opportunity to explore how other IB campuses interpret these elements on their campuses, read more about popular education trends and in general, giving YOU another way to experience and feel more connected to what is happening on our campus and what is means to be at an IB school.


Essential Elements of the PYP curriculum:

Knowledge:  How one teacher gives her students the freedom to explore and question.

Attitudes: How the IB Learner Profile shapes students lives

Skills: Thinking Inside and Outside the Box

Action: Small Action, Big Change

Concepts: Constructing Meaning Through a Conceptual Approach

After you do a little exploring I invite you to take a little time to reflect on your own learning and complete the following statement, “I used to think …. now I think or know…”. 

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