making connections in specials

In IB, all teacher created Units of Inquiry are transdisciplinary. This means that learning isn’t necessarily segmented by subject, giving students a true experience of real world learning. Walk into any classroom on our campus and you might see a PE lesson about healthy habits connecting to a science lesson taught in the classroom or unit concepts and vocabulary being reinforced during music class. At any given time throughout the school year, all of our specials teachers are supporting or making direct connections to Units of Inquiry to a grade-level unit. Our Specials team works hard to be sure that these connections are authentic and add to the learning that takes place in the classroom.

Currently, our fourth grade classes are working on their How We Express Ourselves Unit of Inquiry. In their unit they are focusing on the central idea, Writers share their experiences, ideas, feelings and beliefs in a variety of ways. Students explore different types of writing, while teachers bring in different books, writing activities and authors to help facilitate discussion and inquiry in the classroom. At the start of their unit, students focused their inquiry on memoirs. Teachers presented students with a challenge of writing a six word memoir reflecting on a variety of experiences, expressing an idea, feeling or belief.

Mrs. Framjee’s class brainstorming different six word memoirs

This year, our Next Gen Art Classroom was able to make a direct connection by creating self portraits and integrate the six word memoirs that students wrote in their classrooms. Mrs. Rayborn had the students utilize a total four different apps to create their masterpieces! To begin, students were asked to use the Camera Roll app and take three types of pictures, one action, one regular and one silly or free choice).Image (26)

Then, students were asked to use the Sketcher app and draw an image that they would be using as part of their self portraits.

Image (20)

Next, students used the Stacker app to stack and layer the background sketch that they drew with the self portrait photo they took earlier. This was followed by the Phonto app that students used to write their six word memoirs along with their signatures.

Image (22)

What a wonderful way to explore technology in addition to inquiring a little more about themselves as writers. As you walk through the building you’ll notice how the IB elements connect all classrooms in our building in one way or another!

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