celebrating mother tongue

As an IB campus, teachers develop Units of Inquiry that allow inquiry that allows for a global context. We can learn from other countries and cultures and find appreciation of our differences through open-mindedness. Language is involved in all learning and provides the support to the inquiry that is experienced in our classrooms on a daily basis. There are many students in our community, however, that are learning in a language other than their Mother Tongue (primary or first language). Starting this week we will be highlighting and celebrating the Mother Tongue in our community! 

In grades Kindergarten through fifth, students submitted a form to share what languages they speak. The digital bulletin board (located at the front of the school) displays a collection of students with their submitted answers, as well as a map to show where in the world their the languages are spoken. Students now have an opportunity to make connections with one another on campus as well as learn something new about our school. 

Did you know that our library also has a Mother Tongue section? Our hardworking librarian, Laura Reeb, is looking for new titles to add too. Please let her know if there are any favorite book titles in your Mother Tongue we can add to our collection!

Image (11)
Mother Tongue section in our school library

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