world’s teacher day

A teacher presents the past,

reveals the present, and creates

the future.


Every October 5th, The United Nations observes World Teacher’s Day. This year’s slogan, “empowering teachers, building sustainable societies”, highlights teachers continuous efforts to provide quality education to all children despite the challenges that they face (staff shortages, lack of supplies, etc.). Countless photographs were sent in to UNESCO, depicting classrooms filled with students and teachers (from war stricken countries to communities in which resources are few, even school communities that have an abundance of resources) around the world. As an IB World School it is important that we promote international mindedness, or an awareness of others around the world, by connecting our students with events such as these. Here are just a few of the photographs sent in that day.

As you few the photographs, I invite to you take take careful notice of the different elements in each one. How are they similar to what we experience here at Spicewood Elementary? How are they different then what we experience everyday? What other wonderings do you have about these classrooms?

Japan (source)

Burundi (source)
Russia (source)
Morocco (source)
Afghanistan (source)
Uruguay (source)
Vietnam (source)
Pakistan (source)

Reflection: How does this learning experience inspire you?

Possible ACTION: share your new learning with someone, research and investigate some of the countries seen above, contribute to supplies or other resources to communities/teachers in need, or educate your self about World’s Teacher Day through UNESCO.

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