taking action: part two

“Heroes are made by ordinary people like you, and me, decide to be extra ordinary”

— Kid President

While in one of the fourth grade classrooms this week students were generating questions related to their new unit of inquiry, How We Express Ourselves. It’s always such an interesting time to sit back and watch the questions unfold, assessing where the students are in their thinking, in addition to tuning in and seeing where their questions may take us within the inquiry unit. The fourth graders were FULL of some interesting questions, however, one of them particularly stood out to me this time.

“How can a fourth grader change the world?”

This stood out to me because of last week’s post and also made me question how we can continue to spread the message to our students that they CAN take ACTION. Action is of course something that we want to be authentically initiated by students due to learning that takes place inside of the classroom. And while we are working to add to our Spicewood Action bulletin board this year, I thought that Kid President sends a great message TO KIDS about action, changing the world and what it means to be a hero.

Action is already happening on our campus because of the conversations and learning experiences that are occuring in the classroom as well as at home! Big or small, PYP philosophy believes that every student, every year, has the right to have the opportunity to be involved in action (Remember action is saying, being, thinking, doing, or feeling something differently). We’ll update you as our Action bulletin board fills up this year. Also, be sure to use the hashtag #spicewoodaction if you post student action on Twitter!

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