pyp 101 information night

This past week we held our annual PYP 101 Information Night in conjunction with PTA’s first General Meeting. The PYP 101 event gives parents an opportunity to learn a little more about what an IB education is as well as a forum for parents to ask questions and get some “hands on” learning of all things IB.

A packed house!

This year’s Information night took a different approach and put the parents in their students shoes this time. The event was set up using the Inquiry Cycle Model (a teaching and learning tool) as an approach to learning more about IB. Often times on our campus, we will hear teachers and students referring to inquiry based learning or projects. That evening parents engaged in similar learning experiences as our students do resulting in new thinking about what IB really is all about. We had a huge turn out at this event so it was great to be able to have some face to face time with such a large group of parents! Check out some of the parent reflections after last night’s presentation below:

I used to think the IB program was grade level team work. Now I think that this is more of HOW children and teacher are TOGETHER so it can be different from each class even though they are in the same grade. 

I used to think PYP principles were taught separately. Now I know it is a method for how the normal material is presented.

I used to think IB was for the brighter student. Now I think it is a community involvement in the class. 

I used to think that IB was interesting but not critical. Now, I wonder if I should consider sending my kids to an IB middle school too!

Some new wonderings came out of our session too which gave some good feedback as to next steps that I can take as PYP Coordinator to help support our parent community. Be on the lookout for future PYP Information Night sessions as well as this section each week on Mrs. Kim’s letter. I’ll be working on providing resources and information to you to help clarify more of the WHAT, HOW and most importantly WHY we do things here a little differently than other non IB campuses.

 Unable to make it out to our event last night or need a little refresher? 
Click on the link below for last night’s presentation. 

REFLECT and take ACTION on YOUR new learning: 

Add to our community ACTION board by completing the following form: 

Curious as to how you can do at home??

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